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N.  Cultural Heart and Immaculate Conception

Who we are becoming rather than who we are  Therapeutic processes have hitherto been linked to experiences and thoughts of a past. But in order to help to build a New Earth, we need to activate those areas in our brains that are not linked to our senses. In this way, the human being actualizes in the echo of 'holy language' – those mantras in which the 'old Adam' is extinguished – of the 'Uncreated Will of Uncreatable Being' in the face of his earth, the creations of his devotional heart, as 'Madonna Terranuova' (Raphael) to the radiant, transfigured angel of his work in Planetary Consciousness universal 'Glorification of His Name'. There are many factors that prevent from engaging in healing talks, and thus leaving women in ignorance about the 'possibility of peace through dialogue': a lack of desire to approach the angels of the innermost planes – with the consequences of a lack of goodwill for the necessary transformation through the principle of 'spiritual charity'; as well as fear, based on an obedience to authority towards clerics as well as spiritual persons, associated with insecurities by the family environment and thus the resulting lack of trust in the vision of the Cultural Creatives (also because here the psychological striving for power "what I say is right, and what you say is wrong!" is not immediately perceived or fulfilled). The greatest obstacle, however, are projections, those post-traumatic stress disorders, which stem from the material-sexual influences and psychological influences and psychic imprints in the womb, which has not changed 'the one, true religion of humanity', but it has definitely changed our accessibility to it.

In the existential battle for the survival of national states {Europe and Switzerland} the morals of 'pleasure marriages and protestantism' are opposed to the idea of non-violence and peace; rather: it is paving the warlike path for 'Iran and the Russian Church'! Faith in the state fences the outer structure of a country, but society is collapsing from within: Islamism, civil war are the result of remarriage-pleasure-encapsulations. In contrast, the wisdom of the of the Great Mother, in the Universel Sanctuary, the Sacred Temple of the Great Goddess, brings forth the culturally creative humanness. The sexes live as 'female companions and male companions' in accordance with that compassionate reality which Buddha already called »Planetary Consciousness«.

Die weibliche Gottheit ist des Mannes Geburt zu seiner humanistischen Seele
"Whenever we encounter problems or economic conflicts arise, but also in cases of religious differences in Europe, men must point out that the only true method is dialogue" (Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso). Haben aber Männer das Ideal der Immaculata {Unbefleckte Empfängnis} verloren, sich ausschließlich um 'sich und Familie, Haus und Hof, Beruf und Vaterland' (Matthäus 14:26-27) kümmernd, missachten sie, dass sie nur kleiner Teil eines Ganzen sind: sie stehen im Widerspruch zur Göttlichen Mutter, mit welcher sie sich in einer Atmos-Sphäre hingebungsvoller Seelen austauschen sollen, um das Gleichgewicht in der Welt zu wahren. Nicht nur ihr Land wird auf Hindernisse stoßen und Schocks – Migration, Bürgerkrieg und Seuchen – erleben: Frauen werden zunehmend erschöpft sein und keine Kräfte mehr besitzen, um die Arbeit am Planetarischen Bewusstsein fortzuführen. Was letztlich bedeutet, sich wehrlos den kriegerischen Aggressoren gegenüber auszuliefern.

Cultural Creatives as peacemaking healers  Behind narcissistic men there are all too often neurotic women; just as behind female psychoses there usually prospers a Catholic dogma. War-triggering irreligious conditioning, which is not the act of women, can be healed by the atmospheric-creative soul-heart of men, which has changed from God's eros, fun and desire (cf. Matthew 24:4). Just as then the word of the bodhisattvas gives decrease to the self-important man – yet not the criticism of the cultural genius – so The Cultural Creatives 'synthesis encouragement to Buddha's path': can bring solace to the suffering of humanity.

King in hell  If women do not find to their spiritual realisation, men will also not be able to transform into spiritual cultural souls in this way, that in the kiss of 'eternal love' the Planetary Consciousness awakens to the Queen of Our World. There are three kinds of men: the one has the feeling that he is fulfilling a certain duty with religious rituals – which, however, he regards as one among other duties in his life; the other one comes – because his wife wishes him to do so – but he is not sure whether there is the omnipotence of the Great Mother. The third kind of men pray 'before God in the presence of God', their prayer creates heaven on earth, the breath of the holy spirit opens the door of the heart, where God, the Merciful dwells. These three powers can also be parodied as 'Shiva: the conceited dogmatist; Rama: the systematic sceptic; Krishna: persistent professor' (in: Roger Shattuck, »Forbidden Knowledge«, New York 1996).

Most influential men are mostly horrified at the thought of 'dialogical community'; seeing no reason to believe in the 'Immaculate Conception' – since they usually have no means in their wives to disprove Her – they are usually accompanied by doubt (Iblīs): "What rises up from the ground? Him! him! Send him away! What does he want in the holy place? He wants me!" (Margaret in the face of Mephistopheles, Faust I). – Therefore, the one who wants to understand the character of a narcissist, may look at his friend: with Adam, with a nature walk, with spiritual practice, a man cannot conceive his soul, no intellect, however scientific, can hope to unravel the soul: She proclaims the perfection of human spirit, acknowledges 'the kingdom, the power, the glory', adheres to duty, bows in adoration to 'the fruit of Her body'. If women are faithful to 'their Lord', their splendor shines – high like the sun – like the stars. But if women forget their duty of loyalty to the teaching {community & dharma}, they become a victim of the nationalist kings – in this way, the structure of an entire civilization is drawn into ruin: Souls suffocate in the maelstrom of their conditioned desires, in the coffin of untransformed desires.

The dialogue – when carried out by selfless, soul-awakened spiritual people – acts like a sponge: it absorbs everything negative that has clung to men and women during their time on earth the 'burial caves of the business world' (Matthew 8:28), thereby allowing the sexes to return to their original function of manifesting Human Spirit. What is referred to as "marriage hell" (Jewish: Gehinom) – a condition that usually affects 'kings' after midlife (see fairytale film 'The Water of Life', ARD 2017) – can be brought about through Dharma giving [psychoanalysis {drama/play}, preaching and banquet] in the sense of new learning, new living and loving, a process through which the souls make the progress of transcending what they thought of as "meaning" by a new meaning – beyond the conditioning of family and society, religion or spiritual institutions – through a deep insight into 'the alien' (archetype/the divine feminine). A saying of Muhammad [hadith] says: "On the Day of Judgement, I will appear to the believers of different religions in a form that is unfamiliar to them, and they will reject Me. But if they then seek refuge in God – the spiritual femininity – I will appear to them in the form that is familiar to them, and they will accept Me", this is what brings peace to the earth.

Psyche Analysis  Buddha had realised that there is only one key to happiness: directing the light of the merciful mind on the different life situations of the generations and sexes. And he gave this teaching in the guise of religion. Nowadays science has come to the same conclusion as Buddha did, it is now called 'psychoanalysis'. Psychoanalysis in the sense of understanding the self in relation to nature, creation, and therefore of the character of the soulful mind of the man and the spiritual body of his wife. Dann kann auch die Immaculata conceptio aus dem Gefängnis des Dogmas befreit werden. Denn es ist 'Anna' (arabisch ana: „Ich bin Gott“, siehe auch Genesis 17:15), welche die Geburt Mariens, als des Mannes Seele, hervorbringt.

Healing of the Earth in the Manner of enlightened Soul Oneness
Under the condition of the spirituality of women does 'The meeting of good men' possess "new characteristics quite different from those of the individuals who make up this society" (Gustave Le Bon, Psychology of the Masses). Narcissisms are diminishing – the soul compassion, directed towards the healing of humanity, creates the nucleus of a special kind.
'When men rise from the dead {without libido, desire, power drive}, they will be like the angels in heaven' (Mark 12:24-25): Man and woman act according to their function in the service of the universal Christ (Ephesians 5:21). People who do not understand 'the parable of the sower' do not comprehend (Daniel 2:43, Mark 4:1-34; Timothy 4:1-3).

'The process of making gold is done by means of warmth, which is the divine essence in the heart of man, which comes forth as love, tolerance, sympathy, service, humility, unselfishness, in a stream which rises and falls in a thousand drops, each drop of which could be called a virtue. In the moment when this happens the human being is really beginning to live; then he has unsealed the fountain of happiness which rises above all jarring and inharmonious influences; and the fountain has established itself as a divine stream. But after the heart has been warmed by the divine element, which is love, the next stage is 'The Plant', which is the love of God. Then the juice of the plant of divine love is being poured upon the heart, warmed by the love of one's fellow-men, then that heart becomes the heart of gold: then man has not seen God but he has seen God in man.' Hazrat Inayat Khan, Alchemy of Happiness.

'I am the fiery life. I am the strongest fieriest power. I am the fiery life force, hidden in life. I have ignited all life, nothing dead emanates from me. I fly around the whole earth with my upper wings. I have ordered everything in wisdom. I am the fiery life, the divine substance. I burn above the beauty of fields and meadows. I glitter over the waters and burn in the sun, moon and stars. With every breath, as with invisible life, I awaken all life. The wind lives in green and blossoming. The waters flow alive. Alive is the sun’s ray. The moon is illuminated again by the sun after it has waned, so that it becomes alive again. The stars also twinkle as if they were alive. I have built the pillars on which the circle of the earth rests. I am in the powers of the wind, beating wings keep the whirlwinds from becoming too dangerous. As the breath of the soul strengthens the body so that it does not die, so the body protects the soul so that it may not flow away.' From the Song of Jubilance St. Hildegardis von Bingen: World and Man, First Vision.

After the Virgin has credibly proclaimed the ideal, the world message of the Consecration Night Feast [Christmas - the translator]: 'the Bodhisattva [the Goddess of Grace] comes from heaven as the Christ Child and takes on human form', she must accept a true spiritual master, following his instructions in retreat. The first sign of beginning realisation is her wish to die – being mother seems unattainable to her (Sura 19:20), the monastic life unbearable. In this feeling the virgin is no longer ashamed to strive higher and she asks to be taken out of the old hysterical cell, which she hates, up into the new 'Buddhaworld' – which she will learn to hate, for a residue of 'faith in God' is at work that after the transport into the transcendental world of light, the Lord God will accidentally will come through the corridor, look at the spiritual prisoner and say: »You shall not imprison this woman again. She is coming to me, The Heavenly Life: We enjoy the heavenly pleasures, so can dispense with earthly things! No worldly turmoil is to be heard in heaven! No music on earth can compare with ours ... So that everything for joy, for joy awakens!« (Gustav Mahler, Symphony No. 4.4)

Does change come from the lovers of the body or the lovers of the soul?
In that which is not in spiritual harmony with each other, there can be no procreation of Planetary Consciousness, hence no "immaculate conception".


Of exploiting, devastating, plundering... and repenting

We have sinned against Mother Earth, defiling her. But if religions know solutions, why is it difficult to apply them? and do women no longer know any solutions? Everything has to do with the fact that men do not want to advance to the point of understanding – and how urgent it is that they now direct the situation on our planet!; their path is to raise the cultural Holy Chalice of the common welfare. Women are the divine instrument for the birth of humanity, but first men must discover with their soulful spirit that they are »humane«. No other path exists to heal Our Earth, women will open the path of His Religion to Heaven, moderate in this vision, the message in our time: men can either unite as Cultural Unit or we will face chaos, disaster, diseases and the tears from the eyes of our relatives. (after Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Lakota Sioux Chief). Spiritual research and energetic progress in the dialogical community can tame the devil; until then, planet Earth reacts to exploitation with pandemics and war. "I’m a patriarch, and that's my role, I have to play it, and that's the way it goes here: it is all about deals, luxury, pleasure and profitable ventures!" (Nicholas Jarecki, Arbitrage). – 'There are few trustworthy builders who, with self-denial, imbibe thoughts from space into the chalice of the heart. They do not fear being singed by the fires of the distant worlds. They are not indignant at the burden of bearing the soul agony of surrounding imperfection. They are visited by the extraordinarily radiant fires of space and entertain themselves with the sparks of outer-space consciousness, silently kindling thoughts and answering all questions.' (Agni Yoga § 403).

Principles of planetary coexistence
Peace can be secured neither by military nor by diplomatic strategies; rather, it can only be established by transforming society into a community (Max Frisch). It is for the soul self-understanding of men to transfer spiritual femininity into their understanding of the world; in doing so, the love of spiritual femininity for the soul activity of her husband creates the relationship with the others. In the ideal of the Immaculate Conception and its confirmation through spiritual femininity, the peace of humanity can thus be found, of course only in the consensus of Her believers.

On the violent nature of ethos and on overcoming it
Warlike violence arises where old norms (the crucified, protestant morality, paternalism, etc.) still have continued existence, even though they are no longer appropriate to the times, so that 'the Immaculate Heart' and 'the Immaculate Conception' suffer from the old moral concepts. But when we see the revelation of the divine on a greater dimension than we are prepared to see, we can come into the state of receiving (Yehuda Ashlag), 'For Me no man looketh, and abideth alive' (Exodus 33:20).



Creation on Planet Earth must begin with men being ready for change, and transform their relationship to women through, with and in their constructive critique of the parasitism of patriarchy. It is true that in their unconditional fascination with the sovereignty of God, women are the better men – which is an example to men; however, men are supposed to 'extend the hand of reconciliation to women and say something' (J. Derrida, Deconstruction) and thus be the better women. Unsouled women’s bodies, without spirit, only bring forth nation-states, war! Creative spirit fulfils manifesting femininity: "O men, when in you the face of Pascha is transfigured, and the face of the blissful service, the protector of Humanistic Culture shines, do you think that the holiness in any man can ever be deceived? This never has been and never will be. Infallibly such culturality – light of spirituality, warmth of truth – feels the humane of purity; such purity is absolutely necessary to produce salvific personalities of individual peacemaking femininity." Cultural Creatives’ Song.

Space-Time: New Ethics and Golden Section x:y=y:(x-y) / x2-x=y / x2-x-y=0
a2+b2=c2  Galilei: Nature is written in mathematical language.

The tree that bears the fruit of creative brilliance is different from the rock, from which the crystal is loosened and cut into a diamond. Dharma, Sangha, the Bodhisattva vow: 'I have heard the pleadings of all beings for salvation, all the beings I have to lead to salvation, the whole world I have to save' – should also guide women in their midlife to their multidimensional vocation. Devotion, contemplation, healing yoga, mystical ecstasy into everyday spirituality must already have been taught to men before their midlife crisis – as a guardian against any sexualisation as well as consumerism of the souls. Imagination in awareness, faith, gives birth to the light of non-attachment into the female bizarre psycho-love- entanglement. 'Not the Goddess, but God', mantras in motion break the instincts of male lust and transfigure desire into the 'praise of Mary'. The 'Christ-birth' opens the church portal to spiritual women outward, as a dialogical forum of One Humanity. As soon as we begin through patronage so that men blend their psychic culture with the spiritual organism of women, we find ourselves in a world of sustainable relationships between humaneness and the healing powers of nature. Message [a2], priestly brotherhood [b2] and psychoanalytical women's event [c2] are the creation geometries of a New World.

Neurotic narcissism and its causes  It is the soulless travelling salesman who, with boundless success and in spiritual power, in his increased urge for recognition, attracted by womankind glorifying him, is unwilling to acknowledge humanity’s sense of a true need for Planetary Consciousness and who refuses to be its creator, culturally identifying with the Holy Spirit. Does not true devotional dedication in Image Streaming reflect the fiery ideal – Spirit of Masters, Saints and Prophets – do women not want to work uncompromisingly in 'the Message' in order to be, who woman really is; so an empty, contractive tendency encompasses their psyche. Dullness, sluggishness and closed-mindedness to the point of secretive gentleness and object-shy introverted tenseness decay the meeting. Pious actions cannot free us from the Iblisian (Book of Lamentations 3,1-16).

Mental community is the formula for happiness  Successful career, computer games, TV, smartphone, hiking, sports travelling, sitting together with the family, healthy eating, none of this makes us really happy {where people are dependent on this, they have not yet become bodhisattvas}: The Solemn Festival »Dialogue, education, healing and knowledge«, embracing our neighbours in sincere soul relationship, this is what brings peace to the world and makes us 'physically, mentally and emotionally' long-living, happier and healthier. (R. Waldinger, The Harvard Study of Adult Development 2023).

Destruction, war, fundamentalism  Patchwork-family & political fractions belong to the profit maximisers of morality; the spiritual people (the military) are the ones who want to prevent the worse; Vatican-Islam ideologically binds men to fundamental rights. Even if people’s political category thinking does not understand the musical message of Schubert’s String Quartet (No. 14 in D minor) 'Death and the Maiden (D 810)', yet, when people weep for the dead, must we not awaken the Lazaruses for the dignity of humanity and absolve the adulteresses? He, who, in love’s longing for the light, has absorbed himself in that power which the universe directs to itself, unites the mistress of the earth; 'so the world is moved by God just as the heart of the lover is moved towards the beloved' (Aristotle). The souls of those, sent out of love for God into the service of humanity, are able to bring creation.

The message of a multiversel  Cultural vocation of the woman consists in striving for self-realisation in the world through the virtue of spiritual service with the science of conscious unfoldment of her 'divine heritage', the actualisation of the manifestation of the divine. In this 'Christ-as-woman-state', "the relationship problem" will no longer be solved in the conventional way. With this we must also acknowledge that no solution can ever be final by 'pious churchgoers' or 'people of other faiths', 'people of profane morality' or 'people of libetine sexism morality'. The solution of a relationship problem inevitably results from a particular consciousness: the problem finds a complete and final solution within the particular frame in which it is presently being posed. Hence solutions exist to opposing points of view, of which one's own morality is represents only one aspect. However, irrespective of the totality of all valid forms of relationship, there is a level on which all actual and possible problems have only one universal solution and in which no contradiction can exist any more.

This is the door of hope, not of hopelessness Maulana Jelal ud-Din Rumi:
Long ago, the circle of royal women used to gather in a separate area of the convent called 'Khanqah' every Friday night. They invited the spiritual master to speak about the meanings of symbolism as well as of the mysteries of the spiritual path and to perform the spiritual dance, the sama, in the presence of the group of women for his disciples. The women used to play the flute and the tambourine as well. It is of no use to be only "good women" if men do nothing psychoanalytically-spiritually for women. Lack of soul service leaves women in their karmic experience! If self-centred power of the man is dominant, he wants to 'become master' over every woman. The devil can be recognised by his silence and his embellished manners, divine femininity by its speech, which renews our earth, and by the splendour of its silence.

At every moment of life and with every breath, a man imbibes the energy of the absolute universe and emits individual soul energy through his heart. Whenever, however, the man gives off more heart-energy with merciful mind (Psalm 1:1-3) in spiritual intelligence than he can receive, he comes nearer to death. There are also losses, such as clouded mind, weakness of thinking, loss of memory – even in spiritual masters, despair and depression prevail – when the inner being of men "is starving" because the 'house church of women' (the whole process, from universal worship to psychoanalytical dialogue') does not offer them the possibility of  to strengthen and sustain their planetary heart with synthesis and preached scripture.

Crucified by soullessness  Once I was brought before God's judgement. I appeared before the Lord face to face. He was the same as in His suffering. After a while the wounds disappeared, only five remained, on hands and feet and on the side. Immediately I recognised what was not pleasing to God {the immaculate conception}. (S. Faustina). ["crucified" means 'no longer able to walk and act' in planetary consciousness]. "Be another name! O Romeo, give away thy name, and for that name, which is no part of thy soul, take all my self." (Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, II.2).


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