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K.  Ethics and Planetary Consciousness

When humanity now begins to unite its powers, the first thing that is necessary is to agree on this thought: that a coming together of the 'Noble Human Beings' on Planet Earth must become necessary. Everyone must agree on this first step that must be taken before we think about how to foster the New Ethics; for when the question is raised as to how 'relationship' goes, people have different ideals; then emotions will clash and the vision will get lost. The 'how' comes later; first we all have to agree, that something has to be done. In that thought only, we have to come together. 'Meditation, prayer, culture' – all this then happens as a natural consequence all by itself.

Homo Creator versus soulless charity  Even the so-called "spiritual-good men" in our time are most ordinary-me-addicted. Occupied with the satisfaction of special passions and cravings, increased in transcendence, one cares for 'the happiness of one’s fellow citizens' and has thereby the fame of oneself, the wellness of one’s country (or vacation village) in mind. If now women, whose soul ability has been widened by the spiritual will, stand up for the creation of a whole humanity, this can only be done with those men, who assist women in a soul-analytical-healing way and strive for the well-being and the welfare of the whole. Then women work according to the ethics which they prescribe for themselves in harmony with the 'Great Mother'; 'the Goddess' according to rules, about which she has agreed with the genius. Men may have a lot of good in them and may be very intelligent, but as long as their spiritual heart is not unlocked, they cannot reveal that nobility of the soul which is hidden as 'divine mercy' in their heart. The work of the spiritual-cultural heart of the male soul is like a spotlight: directed on the sufferings of the female nature, all things become clear; what is called telepathy, mind-reading, clairvoyance (John 4:17-18) or called otherwise, everything that would make the life of women pleasant, this comes by itself when men’s souls as well as their humane hearts are alive. Without man’s soul spirit, femininity feels buried alive in her true Self: then women exist to function, to please others, to be accepted; workaholism of the persona keeps them withdrawn from their inner being – with the lost SENSE of love the personal happiness disappears as inevitably as well.

„Die Hindernisse im Zusammenleben der Menschen werden alle groß durch Unklarheit der Strafbestimmungen und Lässigkeit in ihrer Ausführung. Nur durch Klarheit und bestimmte Raschheit der Strafen werden die Gesetze gefestigt.“ (I GING 22 Das Durchbeißen). Der Pharao und seine Konsorten müssen lernen, mit den Strahlen der Großen Mutter ihr Gewissen zu erleuchten. Solange sie dem immer noch ausweichen und nicht echte charakterliche Haltung zur Umkehr (metanoia: 'Buße tun') an den Tag legen, nämlich die an Leib und Seele verwundete kollektive Weiblichkeit zu heilen, bleibt Spiritualität insgesamt unwirksam. Die 'Strahlen der Strenge' (Din) der Göttlichen Mutter 'Geburah' bewusst aufnehmend, öffnet die Türen für ein Planetarisches Denkens. Und es ist dies, was die Herzen nährt.


 The religious peace

 The true protestant must
also protest against Protestantism
(Friedrich Schlegel),

that catholic women,
moved by the death of their Lord,
arise from the dead with the words:

"But they did not kill him
and they did not crucify him,
but a figure like him
appeared to us."

Qur'an, Sura 4 The Women

Why is there war?

Because God's desire arises,
as if it were the immaculate heart.


Descente de Croix (Peter Paul Rubens)




They said, "We have killed Christ Jesus, the Son of Mary, the Messenger of God." But they
did not kill him, they did not crucify him, but a figure like him appeared to them. And they
did not kill him with certainty, but God raised him up to Himself. (Qur'an 4,158; 5,70-72).


Queen: What have I done that thy mouth dares to speak to me in such a harsh tone?
Such a deed, which can never be forgiven, which makes red with shame,
only pretends to virtue, robs the roses of the beautiful forehead of innocent love,
and produces swarms on it, which makes marriage vows false like gamblers' oaths,
such a deed, which tears the true soul from the body of the marriage covenant,
degrades the fear of God to empty words only: Heaven glows, an aura of terror
over our earth, and thinks in anger, as on the last day, of this deed.

Queen: Alas for me, what have I done that cries so loud and thunders in mention?
: Look here, upon this picture, and then upon this; the well-done likeness of
two brothers... When thou goest inciting to the matron, youth's chastity may be as wax,
melting in her own fire. Melting in her own fire; nothing of shame, when passion then urges,
Since the frost itself burns, and reason becomes a matchmaker. (Shakespeare, Hamlet III,4).


»What is missing? A nothing. But this nothing is everything.« (Honoré de Balzac: Le Chef-d'œuvre inconnu)
'If my mother's dead, When he died, I had left grave-less, That would grieve me' (Antigone by Sophocles, First Epeisodion). It is about the prohibition, living in the instinctive forces, the rushing currents of unrevealed desire in the ocean of yet unconscious sensuality, to »bury the corpse« (Genesis 21:9): it must, in its passing away and forgetting, abandoning the consciousness for itself, forgetting itself in other selves, to first have and possess its self (Friedrich Hegel, Lectures on Aesthetics / Qur'an, Suras 49,12; 2,265).

New covenant of the men  First we look into a mirror, but then we look from face to face (1 Corinthians 13:12): "When spiritual femininity has given us life and existence through Her being, we too give life to Her by recognising Notre Dame in our hearts. By discovering Her image in us we also realise the Beloved Lord to whom She, as the dharma-giving voice, gave birth to her soul in her heart, as the one whose fourfold countenance we are."

Die Verantwortung der Frauen
Indem Frauen jetzt nicht mehr ihr spirituelles Defizit mit Machtpositionen auszuglei
chen versuchen, kann es gelingen, sich der Führung des kulturschöpferischen Geistes anzuvertrauen, wie es vor Jahrtausenden die Menschheit schon einmal getan hat.

Fraternal Spheres’ Competitive Song  Why 'do the soldiers [Hera’s] march in front of Schätzlein’s house' (Revelge – Song of the Boy’s Wunderhorn, Gustav Mahler), why did the war ignite over the 'romantic love' of the beautiful Paris [Lancelot] for Helena [Guinevere], the unfulfilled wife of the priest-king Menelaus [King Arthur]? – Only the spiritual practice of »grace upon grace«, in the fulfilment of the common ideal of life, overcomes the "miss"-use of biosexual attraction and our attachment to earth gravity.

A man who ,in the course of his life, does not confess and live his creative-cultural perfection in relation to the Divine Mother, loses this opportunity and is once more thrown into the evolutionary cycle by the law of matter. Not knowing that – according to the order of Melchizedek (Psalm 110:4) – a perfect provision is made for his maintenance, most men then try, under efforts to use the daughters of Mother Nature to enjoy a fulfilled life of eros and amorousness. But because a man cannot enjoy such a sensuous life without being truly connected with the divine feminine, the lives of many men end in chronic depression (the term 'neurosis' is now considered obsolete): instead of guarding the fragrance of their rose, they sour on the vulgarity of love.

Cosmological morphology of the soul's occurrence of love »Existentialisation« of that, what the spirit of creation is: the unity between Muslims and Jews, Christians and Buddhists. "You are loved by God, you are his chosen saints. Therefore clothe yourselves with sincere mercy, with grace, humility, gentleness and patience! Bear with one another, and forgive one another if one has anything against the other. As the Lord has forgiven you, thus you forgive! Above all, love one another, for love is the bond that holds everything together and makes it whole. May the peace of Christ reign in your hearts; to that you have been called as members of One Body. Be grateful! May the word of Christ dwell with you in all its riches, and teach and exhort one another in all wisdom! Sing psalms, hymns and songs to God in your hearts, as the spirit gives them to you, for you are in the mercy of God. May all that you do in words and deeds be done in the name of the Merciful Lord [Bismillah Ar-rahman Ar-rahim]. Through Him give thanks to God the Father! Wives, submit yourselves to your husbands, as is befitting in the Lord; and you men, love your wives and do not be angry with them. Do not lie to one another, for you have put off the old man with his deeds and have become new men, being revived in the image of their Creator, in order to recognise Him. Where this happens, there is no longer any hatred against foreigners {Hindus against Islam, Jews against Buddhists}, but Christ is all and in all." (Colossians 3:9-19).

What we call 'the awakening of women' has always come from the nature of the cultural male mind; but men have to make a certain effort to recognise this. Without effort, it is as if they were sitting in front of a glass of milk, waiting for butter to appear by itself: the milk will go bad for them, but no butter will be made out of it. Men must make an effort to bring about Marian body, cultural spirit and dialogue speech, so that the female brain always remains young, fresh, active, eager to make decisions. In anderen Worten, Männer müssen lernen, das Luziferische überwindend, ganz marianisch sich zu fühlen, mit Blick auf die Frau; und heilend sich zu erbarmen, mit Gottes Blick auf sich selbst.

Thunder and Lightning: God discovers Himself by revealing Himself in himself through Us.
Planetary Consciousness is achieved through the unconscious soul-event of men – the fire of the holy spirit: dialogue and Universal Worship – is embodied by a higher level – the spiritual femininity. The higher level event 'God is love' {Ishq'allah mabud l'illah: the thunder}, self-unaware ('Sarah denied: I did not laugh. For she was afraid. But He said, Yes, you did laugh.' Genesis 18:15), becomes conscious through the embodiment of an even higher level mental event – the thought-flash of the Personality of God – which is itself unconscious.


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essence  Alpha et Omega

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