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W.  Transculturality and Humanity

Das geflügelte Herz*  Wenn »das göttliche Antlitz des Herrn« durch die äußere Gestalt der Weiblichkeit bricht – „Du, o Gott, bist mein Schutz, mein Gott und mein Erbarmen; der Du mich in Frieden aus meiner Zerstreuung und Entstellung sammelst und mich zur Ewigkeit bildest“ – kann Männervernunft sich in die komplementär passiv sich hingebende heilende »weibliche Seite von Gott« „setzen“ (Psalm 110:1-4); dann bezieht sich 'Vision' nicht mehr auf 'Wiederheirat bzw. Genussehe-Sekretärinnen', sondern auf den Sonnenaufgang der Großen Mutter, das Heiligtum »Notre-Dame«, den Meeresstern und seinen Mond, und die Sterne. Wir nehmen teil an der Freude der Schöpfung aus dem Licht der Lichter: von Ursubstanz der ganz »Maria« gewordenen männlichen Seele vollendet sich die Sehnsucht des Alls in seinem Erzengel »Christus als Frau«. *Bouguereau / Godet 'Le ravissement de Psyché'

About the Marian principle or "But you are all brothers" (Matthew 23,8)
The creative spirit itself bears witness to the spirit of men that they are God's children – the anxious expectation of women is waiting for these children of God to be revealed (Romans 8). We know that the whole of creation is groaning and is in labour until this moment. Not only the women, but also the men themselves – who after all 'have the spirit as a firstfruits gift' (Romans 8,23) – are groaning within themselves: their souls are longing for the childship and the sanctification of the body. For how are women to know what to pray (as they should), if men's creative spirit itself does not stand up for the inexpressible sighs of that love which springs from the SENSE? The Divine Mother, who delves into the hearts, knows towards what the mind of the spirit of each one is directed; she intercedes for the saints, as God wills. 'Those whom God predestined, he also called; those whom he called, he also made righteous; he has also glorified those whom he has justified. What then shall we say to this? Who shall accuse the elect of God concerning the new life in the Spirit? 'God is here who justifies, and those who are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God' (Romans 8,14). This is the brotherhood of Beethoven's 9th Symphony: She becomes, without the help of her will; the spirit of the universe discovers itself in the female cosmos and awakens as the New Humanity: »I am the One who I am there – She who I will be.«

On the complementary polarity of the sexes or On the unspeakable
Without the power of the healing human guidance of the descending Holy Spirit of men, women can neither exist nor act in Planetary Consciousness. The cultural masculine creative spirit and the psychically purified spiritual femininity are inseparable, albeit complementary. Nevertheless, even women who are wholly their enlightened soul, find it difficult to understand the mysterious way in which Cultural Creator Spirit manifests through them and imbues them with the notion that they were the creator of Planetary Consciousness, when in reality the »sacred brotherhood« is the author of peace, health and well-being on earth. The same can be said: Without the power and guidance of enlightened women the Cultural Creatives can neither heal psychoanalytically nor act universally priestly. The angelically culturally creative male and the feminine nature transformed into its spirituality are therefore like the two sides of the same coin (Luke 20:25). Women who have both hope and faith can attain knowledge; provided they love those men who, with spiritual intelligence, spiritual courage and soulful endurance prove the law of community (Florence Huntley, Harmonics of Evolution).

Sich von Wissenden belehren lassen (I GING 4, oberste Linie: 'Das Wasser des Frühlings') – den Seelen Brot backen und die Pflanze Menschlichkeit gärtnern  Im Dialog nähren die Männer, mit der abwärtsfließenden Herzensenergie ihres sich erbarmenden Geistes, die zu ihrer altruistischen Liebesflamme erwachten Seelenliebe der Frauen, sodass die abwärts jauchzende Woge des 'Ewig-Weiblichen' (Goethe: Faust II Schlusswort; Genesis 18:12), in das dürstende Gehirn des Geliebten aufsteigend, Gottes Planetarisches Bewusstsein kultiviert.

Cupid & Amor  "I saw an angel beside me, at my side, and in bodily form. He was not tall, rather small, very beautiful and with a radiant countenance. In his hand I saw a long golden arrow, and at the tip of this iron a little fire seemed to be flickering. I felt as if he had thrust it into my heart a few times and as if it would go right into my intestines. When the angel pulled out the arrow, I thought he was also pulling out my innermost being and leaving me completely inflamed with a great love for God. The pain was so sharp that I let out several groans; and so overwhelming was the sweetness of that sharp pain that you would never want to lose it again. This is not a physical pain, but a spiritual one, although the body has a part in it, and even quite a lot. What I realise in this state is that, for the things of God, the soul has never been filled with so much light and realisation of His majesty. This may seem impossible, for if the faculties of the soul are so enraptured and the senses are just as entranced, how can one understand that it understands this mystery? I don't know that either, perhaps only the Creator Himself knows. [marrying to the Holy Spirit] – whoever is capable, may give voice to it. One cannot not even comprehend it, let alone express it in words. I can only say that that this is how it appears to me, that one is together with God, and there remains such a certainty that you can't help but "believe" [and to support what is now the message of the Cultural Creatives]. (Vision of the Spanish mystic Teresa of Ávila). This experience is a side effect, because 'whenever the collective superior ideas that dominate human life fall into disrepair, at such a time there are necessarily a number of individuals who are moved by the numinous archetypes to a greater degree, who in order to form new dominants, thrust themselves to the surface' (C.G. Jung, Psychology and Alchemy; Bhagavad-gita 4:7; Qur'an 28:76).

»Hansel and Gretel« or The liberation of the children from the witch's violence – an analysis
Die Zusammenkunft zum Dialog lebt im Schutz der göttlichen Liebe von Martha und des göttlichen Lichtes ihrer Schwester Maria; die Jünger aber lehrt Maria von Magdala, erst das Mitteilen und Weitergeben an andere bringt das volle Glück, in ihrer Botschaft ist der Weg der 'Nachfolge Christi' abgerundet und vollkommen. Great is the electromagnetic repulsion between the 'wisdom of women' and the eros-desire of 'God-glorious men'; on the other hand, 'the virgin in the world' and the 'spiritual office bearer' being drawn to each other in cogent sympathy – are hostile to »Notre-Dame«, their Mistress Sun, in protestant manner. The lion (clothed with the sun) devours the virgin's soul, and buries its source, from which divine action is probably brought into the world, with the fur of his eros; the frog, in his dark well, croaks, that the dragon's cave does not exist before he dies. In contrast, the »Bodhisattvas« celebrate their victory through 'Maitreya returning' into their world; Prophetic Femininity brings forth her gathering power through sensuality, only in this way do »sun, moon and stars« enlighten again. Whether blissful femininity and sensual prophesising find each other is determined by 'Gretel's deed': 'the witch's death in the oven' by 'the handmaid of the Lord' (Song of Songs 3:4) liberates to unity. In order to be able to recognise the work of 'God's femininity' in the prince's creative spirit, 'the pure elevated body as well as the pure speech and the pure consciousness of the Buddha' (14th Dalai Lama) must be attained; with the 'Awakening of the Elevated Heart' women are able to put themselves into words; in the light 'animated by the Spirit' (1 Thessalonians 5:23), fear and repression disappear: the witchcraft spell is broken. Where there is lack of creativity in the Holy Spirit, one can find men who show spiritual superiority complexes, to whom women like to complement themselves, in pious drive for inferiority [inferiority narcissism due to lack of spiritual practice]. That what femininity forbids itself mentally and on a cosmic level, will then continue overpoweringly as 'scourge of the bloodiest wars'; those who do not break through the love for the Beloved Lord with His Dharma-giving Word, must continue to suppress their emotional instability with commercial neuroticisms.

Female Contemplation – Awakening in the Above  "When the Lord wants to raise the soul to exaltation, its breath is taken away in such a way that it can no longer speak. It thinks that it has been in a completely different place than where we live. The light that was shown to it there was so different from the earthly light that it was impossible for it to form an idea of it, even if it had tried all her life. Also, during this rapture it is taught many things all at once, which even if it would struggle with its intellect and its imagination for many years, it would not be able to conceive even the thousandth part of it. It seems to me that the soul and the spirit must be the same thing, but like a fire, which, as soon as it has become large and gradually burning, emits a flame that flares upwards. It is a different, new life! Praise be to the Lord, that he has freed me from myself." Santa Teresa de Ávila, Moradas del Castillo Interior.

Some women believe that if they act out of love from a spiritual background, they would not need any compensation for this. However, the spiritual laws show very clearly that devotion of man's spiritual soul must stand on the foundation of his resistance against the devil, if the mutual exchange between man and woman is to be lasting and fruitful. For if the wine, the innermost of God's femininity, does not have any air, no resistance of the man against the exploitative patriarchy, the wineskins must burst. 'Behold, days are coming when the bridegroom will be taken away from the wedding guests; then new wine is not filled into old wineskins, otherwise the wineskins will tear, the wine will leak, the wineskins: unusable. New wine is filled into new wineskins, and both will be upheld. (Matthew 9:17). We have forgotten one thing: women's divine sight opens men's hearts.

Of female spirituality, Mary and the Christ Child
When women have acquired the state of 'God, the benevolent Father in heaven' and lead it with all their heart to their enlightened soul, just as Mary looks to the Lord as her beloved child, so that men no longer feel like a dominated object – then the Golden Age of Peace has begun, then men learn to conceive the 'Holy Mary' as She is (instead of the knowledge they have gained of Her); then they come to know Mary through 'the green Tara' and not through themselves.

Relationship structures in a state of transformation and rebirth
Abendmahl statt Ramadan  Am Anfang muss für uns die Frage stehen: „Was mache ich eigentlich im Leben?“ – Es ist offensichtlich, dass falscher Umgang mit Intimität die Seelenperspektive der Frau zerstört. Befleckte Empfängnis versucht, das kosmische Bewusstsein, das ja die Darstellung des Frau-Selbst ist, auszuglühen, um mit grenzenlos genießerischem Gelüste {der Männer Eitelkeiten} Zwang auf den Bodhisattva-Charakter der Frauen auszuüben. Die Folgen: wir arbeiten, um zu essen – das Samsarische Rad „immer! weiter!“. »Abendmahl« – koinonia, das brüderliche Ritual psyche-analytischen Dialogs – vermag jenem Impuls Leben zu verleihen, den unsere Seelen-Charaktere auf die Probleme der Menschheit ausüben. Dann werden wir den 'Sinn der Liebe' verstehen.

Mäzenatentum und Elite-Männerfreundschaft
„Nur wer die Sehnsucht kennt, Weiß, was ich leide! Allein und abgetrennt Von aller Freude, Seh' ich ans Firmament Nach jener Seite. / Ach! der mich liebt und kennt, Ist in der Weite. Es schwindelt mir, es brennt Mein Eingeweide. Nur wer die Sehnsucht kennt, Weiß, was ich leide!“ Goethe: Wilhelm Meisters Lehrjahre, 'Duett von Mignon und dem Harfenspieler Augustin'.

Jeder Mann muss zunächst seine heilige Seele fassen und sich mit ihr identifizieren, beginnend, sein Gemüt von den Tiefen des Meeres ins marianische Denken gebärend des Iblīs Erbe im Begehren seiner Väter und Vorväter nicht antretend. Ist das Gewissen vom geheiligten Ursprung geworden, kann es daran denken Körper und Persönlichkeit (mind) in das Universum einzugeleiten. Indem das allumfassende, alles durchdringende Licht die Gestalt des Paráklētos, des kulturellen Geistes annimmt, löst sich 'das Reich des Bösen' (avestisch: Angra Mainyu) auf. Dann geschieht: Through women the future generation comes.

Taking refuge  Without avoiding soulless masculinity, one cannot, as a woman, escape suffering; just as one cannot escape fire without shunning fire: 'maculate conception' must therefore be abandoned at all costs. Therefore, to quench the own suffering and to quench the suffering of others, I give my heart to the Cultural Creatives, accepting the healing Holy Spirit as my self. But first the spiritual equality of women and men must be practised in order to then, in the exchange of the immaculate hearts, be able to practise 'immaculate conception'.

Collective male self-affirmation knows no Marian practice to develop communicatively, to face planetary consciousness in a dialogue-based community; one tends to withdraw into one's professional armchair, into sporting comfort, into spiritual and emotional inertia. Psychotic female narsissisms are the result – but what may initially feel good for the female psyche is bad for the male soul. Yet what is painful for collective masculinity is good for the healing of the earth, the spiritual and soul health of humanity: it is 'the childlike spirit' (Romans 8:15) of men that produces brotherhood.

By practising the process of pranayama breathing, one can eliminate the impurities of one's physiological condition and very soon one will also be free from mental disturbances. By concentrating one's mental mind, one gets rid of sinful activities; and withdrawing one's senses (yonimudra), which calms the psyche, releases one from unholy material entanglements. Contemplation of the Supreme Personality of Godhead liberates from the three modes of material attachment and this leads to virtue. (The Srimad-Bhagavatam, Canto 3.28.11: Kapila's instructions on devotional service).

The conversation between Sister Kathrei and the father confessor: "Sir, rejoice with me, I have become God! For now I am there where I was before I became an individual – there is only 'God and God' [John 14:1-2a]. You should know that everything that is put into words and presented to people with images is nothing but a means to allure them to God, and that no soul can enter into God until it becomes God as it was God, before it became an individual." (Meister Eckehart treatise). 'So pay close attention to whether the novice is really prepared to obey the conscience of the holy spirit devotedly, then whether she really seeks God and has zeal for spiritual practice, and is able to endure adversity in dialogue.' (Regula S. Benedicti 58,7. On suitability for everyday life).

Growth and strengthening of the feminine – psychic healing and religious culture
'If one wants to achieve an effect, one must first investigate which is the nature of the strengths in question and which their appropriate place. If one then brings the strengths into action in the right place, they will have the desired effect and perfection will be achieved. (Richard Wilhelm, I GING 64). 'I'll tell you a fairy tale about the Dippel Dappel Därchen (I GING 64.5), of the Dippel Dappel bat, blow out the cat's little tail' (nursery rhyme). So one must know exactly which powers give psychic healing to the feminine in order to make the neuroses of the male world disappear.

Ethics is Alpha et Omega, cause and effect. The cause must be the Holy Spirit, which, while finding a dwelling place in the souls, It acts as a ministry of the cultural human spirit. The effect of this cultural spirit is 'women's faith', which is then 'effective in universal love' (Galatians 5:6); It teaches women inwardly what has to be done and in this makes inclined in the heart (according to Thomas Aquinas, in 'Veritatis splendor' § 45).

And if you were to give to all your acquaintances, your yoga students, religious, spiritual friends and relatives, all of whom have been given the Holy Scriptures, also every sign, they would never follow your path of 'receiving holy spirit'; nor could you follow their path of self-glorification, nor would any of them follow the 'head-down path' of the goddess Kali. If, however, you were to follow their wishes after all that you have been given knowledge of, then you would truly be among the unjust. (according to the Holy Qur'an, Sura 2 'The Cow' (Al-Baqarah) verse 145, 'revealed after the Hijrah').


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