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S.  Healing with the wise serpent

The Broken Pitcher of the Aquarian Age
Man and woman, as they have as their realm the conception of the 'You' [Not-I] and of the 'I', remain – without Cultural Creativity – as opposite in nature as darkness and light. For as it is certain now that the heart-character of men does not correspond to the soul-nature of women, just as the personality of women does not correspond to the Unique Being of men (because women simply 'don't have the mood' for dialogue and the profession to educate young men spiritually, and men have 'no time' to interpret the Holy Scriptures in order to grant deep psychological forgiveness to sickly ladies), it follows all the more that then Planetary Consciousness – soul capacity of the men combined with the spiritual consciousness of the women – does not take place. Since women's transfer of their 'faith in the Lord and His capacity' to men, like men's anima, the vision of Notre-Dames, to women does not succeed, thus expressions like »I go up to the Father« (John 20:17) and »This is my husband« lose value: the meaning of love breaks down, 'the wineskins burst and the wine runs out' (Matthew 9:17; Luke 5:39 / Rodin: 'Fugit amor'). * The apparent representation in the form of a memory of the consciousness of something previously observed, in another matter (Vedanta Sutra I.1).

Female cleverness acts through the serpent 'sexuality', masculinity defeats 'spirituality' by the stone. Neither snake and bread find together, nor fish and stone, nor serpent and stone. Therefore the woman was given 'the two wings of the great eagle' given to her to fly to her place' (Revelation 12:14), to bring about transformation. The spirit of the Cultural-Creatives are individual soul powers, while the heart of the women is the whole of the masculine soul powers within itself, thus it is the central power and the root of the others; if the root is holy, so are all the branches, but not vice versa; 'it is not the other way round with a single sacred branch' (Isaac the Syrian).

If the real approach and union of the enlightened male soul and spiritual femininity remains impossible, man and woman move away from the unity into which they were once created to be creative (Exodus 3,14). 'Non-resurrection from the dead' and the 'waiting-in vain-for-the-return' has shaped the mind of the children and children's children materially. What remains for the sensitive female soul is only the unredeemed longing and mourning for an unfulfilled and thus, 'the union to the end into perfection', that was unlived. The repression of unconsciously dominating abrupt turning away produces that fundamentalist femininity which loves its Jesus, Muhammed, Alī or Moses – thus divides the world into war zones.

Je egoistischer und eingebildeter Männer sind, desto unglücklicher schaffen sie das kulturelle Seelenleben anderer: je elender wird das Leben der Frauen und Kinder auf der Welt. Indem Männer ihre eigene kulturelle Disharmonie in ihrer Seele kreieren, behandeln sie Frauen auf gleiche Weise. Dann wird ein Paar weder mit sich zufrieden, noch in Gemeinschaft mit „all den erleuchteten Seelen“ sein, weil sie ein Nichtzugehörigkeitsgefühl haben.

Von der Erkrankung unseres Planeten in Reaktion auf das kriegerische Patriarchat
Dann nehmen Frauen meist Medikamente ein … mögen Medikamente auch Heilwirkung besitzen: das allein aber genügt nicht. Es muss dazu etwas anderes in Frauen grundlegend zur Heilung beitragen. 1. Die göttliche Materie ihres Leibes, die Sich und den Nächsten verteidigen kann: die innere 'Stimme ihres Herrn' im Dharma-Geben, emotional belebend, 'sich und den anderen' geistige Freiheit lehrend. Für den Frieden sind Frauen sogar verpflichtet, dass sie, Dharma lehrend, 'überschattet mit der Kraft des Allerhöchsten' {wie der Engel Maria lehrte; siehe Lukas 1:35}, die in ihnen ruhenden Kräfte der Nächstenliebe erwecken. 2. Einzig das zieht Männer an, ermutigt, mit ihrem starken Fluidum 'kulturelle Kreativität', welches Gottes heilendem Erbarmen entströmt und unsere kranke Erde durchdringt, jene Liebe wiederzubeleben, in der Notre-Dame 'den Duft ihrer Rose' entfalten mag.

Vom seelenlosen Beten oder Meditieren – ohne der Erde Dharma, Heilung zu geben
„Ein unreiner Geist, der eine Frau verlassen hat, wandert durch die Wüste und sucht einen Ort, wo er bleiben kann. Wenn er aber keinen findet, dann sagt er: Ich will in mein Haus zurückkehren, das ich verlassen habe. Und wenn er es bei seiner Rückkehr leer antrifft, sauber und geschmückt, dann geht er und holt sieben andere Geister, die noch schlimmer sind als er selbst. Sie ziehen dort ein und lassen sich nieder.“ So kann es trotz aller betenden und meditierenden Frauen am Ende schlimmer werden als vorher. Matthäus 12,43-45  Von der Rückkehr der unreinen Geister in den erbarmunglosen Yoga-Körper.

"O Notre Dame, You know the way of your righteous ones. In our love for Thee we have joy in the instruction of our Lord and God. By day and by night, ascending to Him, God glorifies himself – as us as Him – in the praise of His Names in such a way that in the descending mercy our souls giving healing with almighty will in Buddha's art, sanctified space is formed in which we give birth to Your message of 'planetary consciousness'. The other way: sitting in the circle of praying scoffers, following the advice of spiritual sacrilegious, for, like 'Adam and Eve', not engaging in the Great Work – this this leads love to ruin, and Us and humanity deeper and deeper into the abyss."

Dealing with Neuroses and Psychoses in Dialogue  There are women who commonly present men apparent pleasure by evoking images of sensual delights and pleasures, in order to keep the patriarchy even deeper in its vices and sins and to make it increase. The Marian spirit of chivalry proceeds in a spiritual way with such women: silence, forgiveness in the divine glance, stirs up the female heart and gives autonomous female personalities remorse of the inner instinct of their reason. For other women – who are resolutely making progress in the purification of their collective psyche by moving from good to better in the Dharma service of 'God the Lord' – there is a way that is opposed to the rule of feminine neuroticisms; for it is in the evil spirit of fundamentalist sanctimonious cosiness of many a pastoral practice to bite women, to make them sad, to put obstacles in the path of initiation and to trouble them with false reasons so that women will not evolve. Here it is the spiritual spirit of women which is able to give courage, strength, consolation, inspiration and tranquillity, by means of the most radiant bliss She makes all obstacles lightly, lifts them away, so that men in the doing of the beautiful come down from heaven. 'I am speaking of that consolation which causes inner movement in women in such a way that souls begin to burn with love for their Creator and Lord and therefore are no longer able to love within themselves any created thing on the face of the earth, except in the Creator of them all.' (after Ignatius of Loyola, The Spiritual Exercises. Einsiedeln, Freiburg 2005)

Parmenides, Simpl, In Phys. 86.27/117.4  'The goddess proclaims the truth to the poet'
"What can be spoken of and what can be known must be. For that there is: to be; nothing, on the other hand, is not; this I urge you to consider with yourself. For first I keep you from this way of research, but then from the way that men are building who know nothing, the double-headed deceivers: for helplessness directs in their bosom their wandering minds, and they drift along in a daze, deaf and blind alike, a heap incapable of decision, to whom being and not being are the same thing and again not as the same; but to them all is peculiar a way that turns back."

Visio Dei beatifica  'The painter stands a little away from the picture. He casts a glance at the model. Perhaps there is only a final dab to be made, or perhaps the first stroke is not even done.' (Michel Foucault, Les mots et les choses). 'Morality refers either to the totality of convictions about what is normatively right and of the evaluative good as well as the actions corresponding to these convictions or solely the area of the moral normative. By ethics, on the other hand, we mean discipline that subjects the factual convictions and actions (of morals) to reflection. Right action is based on the insight into the true structure of reality' (Handbook of Ethics, Düwell, Hübenthal, Werner 2002). The very destiny of women lies in their, the 2nd half of life, beatifying 'vision of God, face to face' (1 Corinthians 13:12), of which, however, she can only get to know through the revelation of her husband's creative spirit of in the community.

Oriental Christmas  The treasure, the princess's golden egg, waits deep in the cave for the bridegroom, who only loves humanity, is advancing into the depths of the soul, rescuing the princess and energising her heart, making her life in the desert blossom like a rose. The world cultural heritage praises the Christa-manifestation.


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essence  Alpha et Omega

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Symphony of Peace
»significatio passiva«

A. Book of Chants
Situation: Anamnesis und anā-lysis
Of the Inner Images
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Dieu sensible au Cœur
Heartsore and Resilience
F. God's Miracles
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H. Appeal to the Women
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    Cultural analytical Dialogue
J. The Interreligious Dialogue
Ethics and Planetary Consciousness
Knowledge and und Vision
I. Women's sacred science is the creatrix of the New Age
Worship of the Feminine side of God
III. Seelenkultur und Planetarisches Bewusstsein
The significance of mercy
Holy Grail – In the evening there will be light
Of the marriage
Cultural Heart and Immaculate Conception
Relationship situation on Planet Earth
About healing hormones and poisoning substances
Integral Ethics
R. Women-Universel-Global-Ethics
S. Healing with the wise Serpent
T. Interreligious Sciences of Sacred Art-Therapy
U. New Mythology – the religion after the religions
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Transculturality and Humanity
Prayers and Songs
Universel – Intertextual Human Experience
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Interreligious Sciences of Sacred Art-Therapy (ISSAT)
Canticum Graduum
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Vom Flügelschlag der Schmetterlinge