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Dieu sensible au Cœur – Causes and Consequences of Religion

Impressions of the subtle-psychic as well as the gross-material world dissolve in the exaltation of an 'emptiness of form'; it also makes an ego-unfulfilled as well as a non-manifested creative life more conscious – this makes Mrs Galathea cheerful. So a god must not be afraid of a woman’s 'deep wisdom'? Didn't Circe’s 'wine, milk and honey' turn even Odysseus’ heroes into pigs (Ovid, Metamorphoses)1? – until Hermes, the messenger of the gods, brought from the tree of the soul’s centre: recognition of good and evil. But still disagreements crucify in greed.

1Say: Shall I make known to you what is worse than this in terms of reward with God? Those whom God has cursed
and with whom He is angry and from among whom He has turned some into apes and swine and who serve idols,
these are in a worse situation and have strayed further from the right path. (Qur'an 5.60)

When they rebelliously refused to refrain from what was forbidden to them, We said to them,
"Become detestable apes." (Qur'an 7.166)

The Birth Of The Woman 

The shadow of "religion" [the harlot – the Catholic motif]
1 is to be overcome in yearningly spiritual power, transcendental reason of a self-remembrance in God. Ultimately, however, only our 'love for the creative power of love', the gift of Her luminous world to Him can call us humans back out of exile. Feminine being, which, highly gifted2, has raised itself up into the Divine Unity, brings forth the cultural-creative; then, when the cultural spirit has fully recognized itself, 'The Birth of Freedom'3 occurs: an everlasting covenant.4

1Then the Pharisees came to him and asked, "Is a man allowed to put his wife out of wedlock? They were trying to trap him. He answered them: What did Moses command you? They said: Moses authorised the issuing of a certificate of divorce and the putting away (of the wife) from the marriage. Jesus replied to them: It is only because you are so hard-hearted that he has given you this commandment. But at the beginning of creation, God created them male and female. Therefore the man will leave his father and mother, and the two will become one flesh. So they are no longer two, but one. But what God has joined together, man must not separate. At home, the disciples questioned him again about this. He answered them: 'Whoever puts away his wife and marries another commits adultery against her. A woman also commits adultery if she puts away her husband and marries another. (Mark 10:2-12)

2The angel came to her and said, "Greetings, you blessed one, the Lord is with you. (Luke 1:28)

3But the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is at work, there is freedom. (2 Corinthians 3:17)

4I make my covenant between me and you and your descendants, generation after generation,
an everlasting covenant: I will be God to you and your descendants. (Genesis 17:7)

Real spirituality is living a life of fullness, and penetrating all planes of existence. Spirituality means raising ones consciousness from human to divine. Spirituality is widening, expanding of the heart as a bubble expanding to an ocean. Spirituality is in raising the soul to the greatest heights and touching the deepest depths. Spirituality is, in itself, forgetting the false self, while at the same time realizing one's real self. Spirituality is enjoying and appreciating all things, and understanding and comprehending everything, and using and utilizing everything to its best advantage. Spirituality is fearlessness, joyfulness, calmness, peace. A deep insight into life is the sign of spirituality.
(Hazrat Inayat Khan, Unpublished Esoteric Papers, Tasawwuf).

"Horseshoe bats" grab women in their souls’ slumbering states, transferring secretions into "wild sneak cats" {Briseis} once more to catch them in 'romantic-resorts' and consume them in the intercourse between salesman and customer – this is symbolic for: women, being sexually abused, are made victims of others. Homer reports in his Iliad: "Chryseis is being captured and claimed as a gift of honour of the chief king… God sent pestilent plagues through the army; and the nations sank." – 'Thus saith the Lord; Is there no more wisdom in the pious? is there no more counsel in the prudent? has the wisdom of adults become so empty?'1 If men do not find their way in cultural creative spirit to the sanctuary of the great Goddess, by women teaching them the God-ideal of the »immaculate conception«, humanity must suffer terribly – the world will see the face of the devil.

1About Edom: Thus says the Lord of hosts: Is there no more wisdom in Teman?
Has the counsel of the wise been lost, has their wisdom been corrupted? (Jeremiah 49:7)

Life cycles and spheres of action of soul's beings – A canto according to Ancient Scripture
Up to her middle years, a woman usually finds a life appropriate to her love, her harmony, her beauty. But only related to the business of the man, the descent follows: the cultural-creative élan vital squandered, she possesses nothing to hold her heart and soul to. One finds these women, singly or in groups, enveloped in a peculiar melancholy, a Dartmoor lying in the mist, until men, breathing out cultural esprit, proclaim, "Into your hands we commit Our Spirit!" Then the curtain in the temple is torn in two from top to bottom and the war goddesses whisper to their dying lover, "Truly, you too were the son of God."

Men who do not purify themselves in the sunbeams of the Divine Mother must descend into the darkest regions of the earth: "They run the risk of expanding endlessly into deadness" (Luce Irigaray). The barrenness of their caresses, everything that has no relation to their own death, to the Cultural-Soulfulness of a man, also puts the woman in constant danger of losing herself in the narcissistic infinity of the man. She is burdened with all the difficulties, suffering and heavy tensions. The pomp and pageantry of the world are merely unsuccessful attempts of defence.


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essence  Alpha et Omega

Table of contents of each chapter:

Symphony of Peace
»significatio passiva«
A. Book of Chants
Situation: Anamnesis und anā-lysis
C. I. Of the Inner Images
II. Of the masters’ understanding
D. Dieu sensible au Cœur
Heartsore and Resilience
F. God's Miracles
G. Questions
H. Appeal to the Women

I. Global Warning
   Cultural analytical Dialogue
J. The Interreligious Dialogue
Ethics and Planetary Consciousness
L. Knowledge and und Vision
I. Women's sacred science is the creatrix of the New Age
Worship of the Feminine side of God
III. Seelenkultur und Planetarisches Bewusstsein
The significance of mercy
Holy Grail – In the evening there will be light
Of the marriage
Cultural Heart and Immaculate Conception
Relationship situation on Planet Earth
P. About healing hormones and poisoning substances
Integral Ethics
R. Women-Universel-Global-Ethics
S. Healing with the wise Serpent
T. Interreligious Sciences of Sacred Art-Therapy
U. New Mythology – the religion after the religions
V. Transcultural Mentoring
Transculturality and Humanity
Prayers and Songs
Universel – Intertextual Human Experience
last words
Interreligious Sciences of Sacred Art-Therapy (ISSAT)
Canticum Graduum
The Cosmic Mandala
Vom Flügelschlag der Schmetterlinge