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P.  About healing hormones and poisoning substances

I. Oxytocin – the art of remembering and forgetting

Oxytocin plays the main role in building a social bond between women and men. The hormone has the gift of promoting trust and tolerance between people. Oxytocin is crucial for the development of a long-lasting partnership. Since it triggers the development of deep feelings, it is the basis for love and fidelity. Oxytocin is the prerequisite for connections between people to develop and remain; more than that: it is the stuff our moral decisions are made of. Oxytocin makes us feel calm, relaxed, content and full of confidence. Oxytocin spreads to all the important parts of the brain and reaches the areas where high blood pressure, heartbeat and aggressive behaviour are regulated. The more oxytocin is released, the less adrenaline is released. The pain threshold rises and the stress hormones decrease. Oxytocin reduces anxiety and depression; even wounds heal faster; it dampens stress reactions, strengthens the immune system and leads to balance. Besonders ermöglicht Oxytocin den Menschen, die Beziehungen zwischen Dingen und zwischen Menschen klarer zu erkennen. 'If you look at the brain, there is a stress area and an anti-stress area: the right hemisphere of the brain guarantees health and life sustaining, the left hemisphere stands for activity; you need both, you need the balance of both halves. In our society, the stress half occupies too much space. The individual suffers from irritability, hecticness, dissatisfaction, and more and more social bonds are breaking; this has to do with our society, with our greed for money, power, position, recognition, names.' (Prof. Kerstin Uvnäs-Moberg, Karolínska-Institute, Stockholm).

"O friends, not these sounds! let us instead strike up more pleasing ones!" (Beethoven)
'The seven disciples went out and got into the boat. But that night they caught nothing. When morning came, Jesus stood on the shore and said to them: My children, have you not anything to eat? They answered him: No. He said: Cast the net on the right side of the boat.' (John 21:3-6). If the man’s speech comes from his 'left side' (energy pathway of the brain), it is negative, material "sounds" related to his firmly ingrained ruling inner inclinations: these are dragging the planet into the abyss. Women are attracted to these tones one way or the other; but if they allow themselves "to be charmed" by the seductive left per-sona, they find themselves thrown into the deepest depths of bottomless abysses of their passion. Sounds (atmosphere) coming from the man's 'right side' are inspirations of human-cultural values with a characteristic pull inwards and upwards, as such 'the word' leads the body-heart-soul-reality of women to Planetary Consciousness.

Wir kommen nicht mit Empathiefähigkeit auf die Welt. Neue Studien aber zeigen, 'ausgelöst vom Hormon Oxytocin können Fische Angst bei anderen Fischen erkennen und dann in einer Art emotionaler Ansteckung selbst empfinden' (Evolutionarily conserved role of oxytocin in social fear contagion in zebrafish, Science 23 March 2023 V 379). Um Gefahren zu kommunizieren, ist also Berühren überlebenswichtig; 'wichtig ist das Gefühl, dass man helfen kann, und das kann auch von außen kommen. Wenn wir wollen, dass Menschen ihre Empathie in die gute, hilfreiche Richtung entwickeln, sollten wir dafür sorgen, dass es Möglichkeiten gibt zu helfen, die für den Einzelnen umsetzbar sind.' (Grit Hein, Professorin für Translationale Soziale Neurowissenschaften an Universität Würzburg). Das Verständnis der Struktur eines Systems ist der Schlüssel zum Verständnis seiner Funktion (The Science of Orgasm, Komisaruk, Whipple, Beyer-Flores, 2009), weil der Zustand des Ganzen derart ist, dass er die Teile ordnet (David Bohm) und darum ändert auch einzig nur die Struktur einer neuen Art von Gemeinwesen die Erkenntnisfunktion unseres Gehirns. Dabei wird es sein, dass das Hormon Oxytocin hilft, dass sich etwas Besonderes, aber Unbekanntes entwickelt.

Das friedenschaffende Gehirn der Menschheit  Die Funktionen der Geschlechter sind komplementär: die Seele des Männlichen – auch als „weibliche Seite Gottes“ bezeichnet – beinhaltet die Fähigkeit zur »Bruderschaft« (Synthese); sie steht unter dem Befehl der ‚Herrin‘, der herabsteigenden spirituellen Verkörperung der Frau in ihrer Fähigkeit zur 'analytischen Psychologie' (Vernunft). In ihrer negativen Polarisierung [Geheime Offenbarung kosmischer Intelligenz] sind Männer »Das Alpha«; der einig-sich-organisierend ausbreitende Wille der Weiblichkeit [der psyche-analytisch aufsteigende Shakyamuni-Buddha in Seiner Einheit mit dem Wiederkehrenden Christus] ist Maitreya: »Das Omega«.

II. Of the suffering of the soul

Through the lungs we pass on beliefs to ourselves and to our environment – if this is lacking, the absorption of 'polluted faith' (unnatural way of life) can make the lungs sick. Chained to ballast that burdens the mind, the soul can no longer free itself from foreign thoughts that blackmail it and lie heavy on the heart and kidneys, which puts pressure on the mind. False counter-speech pushes up. Breathing in the wrong direction, "get in contact with mucus in the brain, accompanied by dizziness when we concentrate, which can further lead to back pain and heart attacks" (Geshe Rabten).

Many women's conscious or subconscious dissatisfaction with their own personalities – of which an increasing number of serious illnesses bear eloquent witness – is usually based on a lack of religiosity in psychological thinking and feeling, since there is a lack of the archetype of the soul, which again results in men's the lack of spiritual service, that time of the soul – the spiritual teachings (sermons) and psychoanalytic-group-dynamic purification included –, in which, however, priests are regarded by women with great aversion and unwillingness, rather than with 'love toward the image'.

Gottesfurcht gilt als Anfang von Religiosität
Das Seelenleben schlägt man in die Schanze, Familien und Kultur gehen darüber zugrunde: „aus der Stadt stöhnen Sterbende, der Erschlagenen Leben schreit laut“. Dann ist das Leben der vollendeten Frauen ein helles Licht für jene Männer auf Erden, die zu ihnen als Vorbild aufsehen; und ohne Zweifel, 'Gott verdammt niemand mit Unrecht' (Hiob 24:12). 'Anfang der Weisheit ist Gottesfurcht, die Kenntnis des Heiligen ist Einsicht' (Proverbia).

Sleeping Beauty – a comparative endocrinology  'The sting of the bee develops from the reproductive organ, from the oviposition process of the female. The allergic reactions are a weapon against parasites, with the chance of bringing more offspring into the world.' (Spectrum, Scientific American). 'Worker bees are almost blind. They find flowers through their olfactory and gustatory organs. The queen flies as high as possible on her nuptial flight towards the sun to which she belongs. She is born out of the sun. She must acquire a new people.' (Rudolf Steiner, Lectures at the Goetheanum). Certain influences in the womb {autonomous passion (self-legislated libido) with subconscious eros (conditioned falling in love)} can have a negative feedback on the ethical behaviour of generations; most intimate attachment to the bodily conception of the self, combined with a conditioned devotion to Mary, is capable to eliminate the transcription of certain genes through temporary modifications {DNA methylation}; symbolically expressed: the realisation of a difference between soul-queens and worker bees lies in the special food – if new queens are to be raised, 'the old queens' [and this does not mean archaeology, but the hierarchy (old in value)] together with some nurse bees {the healing-conductors} have to leave the so warm nest {worshiping adoration} in order to settle down in a new place {house-church, in the lyse-emotion 'mystical ecstasy of selflessness'}. If the souls slumber, "married life" terminates all cultural activity of "good men". For "it is done for honey when the bear is guarding it" (Proverbia).

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essence  Alpha et Omega

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Symphony of Peace
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P. About healing hormones and poisoning substances
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