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L.  Knowledge and Vision

Within the spiritual ideal that prevails in the community, young people can gain the perspectives with which to shape their own behaviour – if it is more than mere reaction to external situations – which springs not from insight into the immediately visible world, but from imagination and sound, that symphony of fraternal action of the archetypes that resounds through what appears. In this context, it can be said that there are three levels of community: general pious; those consecrated at the intermediate level of the divine being; and those advanced, culturally creative men and women in planetary consciousness whose nature belongs to the symphony of the light of the spheres, the planets, the galaxies.

In the Sign of Jonah  The Femininity of the New Era {the Gold} receives its power through Geburah {'The Law' – women of the Church who through and with their and in their to Buddha awakened soul through Sufi spirituality to the Personality of God and then to the renewed catholicity (katholikós: 'concerning the whole')}. The Jewish Wailing Wall, 'stones which the builders [freemasonry] rejected' (Psalm 118:22) are thereby warmed by the sun {God (El) fire (li) in (sa) the house (beth) and its writing tablet described as 'his name be John' (Luke 1:63)}. The Great Mother gets her strength from Fatima Mary; the latter renews her splendour through the rose-wreath-prayer {"Blessed art thou among women"} of the contemplating women. || In the destructive cycle for planet earth, which runs counter-clockwise, the metal [scissors] cuts up 'The Book' for a ticker-tape parade, a "vedantic mother" [Queen of England] sweeps away 'Buddhism', while jewish-catholic-sunnite mothers blow the war trumpet and 'fathers and sons' [led by Russian Sufi cossacks] stir up to the fight against the spirit of Europe. Healing can only be brought by 'Cultural Creatives': {Rama: the forgiver of sins in dialogue; Krishna: who really tells everyone off with his 'little book' (Revelation 10:1-9); Shiva: the shepherd and spiritual educator; Buddha: the universal spiritual Sufi}. The ship 'Earth' has so far sailed under the thunder of the East Wind, the "strong wood", potency of the Eldest Son; and by the South Wind, the "strong fire" of the Middle Daughter, the glory and powercenter of the wife and stepmother respectively. And it went by the same winds to the northwest to the like-minded confederates of the patriarchy; as well as to the southwest, to the house of the mother, the strong earth, serial marriages and partnerships. This journey of the Eldest Son was supported by marriage of pleasure of the Young Woman "Mary". For the further development of the planet, as the home of all human beings, we must change the direction of the sail. Without the cultural spiritual serving the organism of 'spiritual femininity', the masculine ego covers up its soul, causing the flow of humanistic feelings to dry up; 'the consequences are social coldness and fragmented relationship worlds in which no reliable and long-term bonds can develop'. This gives rise to a mentality of having to win at all costs, which is only possible through exclusion and when countless losers fall by the wayside' (Horst-Eberhard Richter, Das Ende der Egomanie, Cologne 2002).

Über falsche Intimität und Wie Materialismus das Gottideal verdeckt
Frauen bringen Unglück über sich, 'den Baum des Lebens' (Genesis 2,9; Sprüche 30:20), die Wolken schlechter Eindrücke in ihren Händen haltend, was wie ein Schatten auf ihre Seele fällt. In der Buddhanatur heilenden Dharma-Gebens hingegen, welche alle unerwünschten Eindrücke aus ihrem Geist entfernt, durch 'liebend, von ganzem Herzen, von ganzer Seele und von ganzem Gemüt, den Nächsten die Emotion lehrend, wie sich selbst zu heilen' (Levitikus 19,18; Markus 12:30-31) beginnt die Vision aus ihrem Herzen zu entspringen, die ihnen den Pfad eröffnet, alles zu erreichen, was sie sich wünschen, alles, was sie brauchen, anzuziehen, ihre Atmosphäre klar machend, und somit ihren Weg von allen Hindernissen freimachend, damit sie leben und sich bewegen und alles erreichen können, was Sie erreichen möchten.

"Once one grasps the separation of the yellow and blue [national colours of Ukraine], but especially the increase into the red [the People's Republic of China and the former Soviet Union], when one will have been looked at them enough, by which the opposites tilt against each other, uniting in a third, then, surely, a special mysterious perception will occur that one could attribute a spiritual meaning to these two separate, opposing beings, and, seeing the creating of the green below and the red above, there of the earthly, one will hardly refrain from remembering the heavenly spawns of the Elohim." (Goethe's Theory of Colours, § 919). But little will the youth of the world be able to avoid sinking into the exaggerated humility of their mothers and the hubris of their fathers, who represent nothing but the hidden hubris of the family and the state. It is wrong for Catholic women to completely efface themselves under the pretext of humility and not appearing for dialogue, in this way their daughters will eventually become spiritually dull and stupid; a too great conviction in male superiority, because one follows a spiritual initiatory tradition, in the sense of 'harmony-disrupting truths are worse than lies', fathers are no longer to be advised – their sons will make fools of themselves in the world.

From the Night Ghost and the Dawn  In Her disciples, and in all beings who come near Her, the Divine Mother recognizes if the ideal "holy goddess" is dwelling in them, or not; for it is this deity 'Received by the Holy Spirit' in the Cultural Creatives to whom She is addressing Herself. Beyond the physical appearance, and the often pitiable states of soul in which many men find themselves, it is in the spiritual man that She sees the revelatory spiritual nature which longs to grow in Her beauty and in Her light: it is the humane countenance, the revelation of the spiritual-cultural hierarchy of humanity, which She loves in the spiritual man. In view of this it is reckless to preach to men 'soul time', compassionate mercy for women, unless you explain to them what they should love in women and how they should serve women. If you look at the way so many women behave in today’s world towards Cultural Creatives… – how could men serve soulfully and wholeheartedly? It seems useless trying to do this: some women behave in a consciously egocentric way, others are unconsciously vicious, like witches, and the pious women are known to be cruel to other women. If a blessed 'St. Michael' comes along and says: "Women are Christ, so that one must love them" – this is unbelievable, sheerly impossible: impossible because men not only cannot achieve it, but in whatever way they consciously and absolutely struggle to love 'the night ghost' (Isaiah 34:11-14), they will, whether unconsciously or subconsciously, only "degust" it even more. Sorrow arises from ignorance, attachment, selfish love; unenlightened average women therefore see only the environment of their present existence, the universal essence of their true self and of all souls remains to them incomprehensible, if not inconceivable, as they live in their space-time capsule, knowing only that which 'is now my being' and only the one that presently belongs 'to me'. By men in the ideal 'Santa Maria: a rose among thorns' indifferently transcend first everything external, and then 'breathing on the divine spark that dwells within Her' (Book of Kings 18:12), 'water and spirit' as man and woman will build "a beautiful new world" (W. Shakespeare, The Tempest 5.1). Austerity (Din) of the living 'Immaculate Conception' is uniquely able to transform Nefesh, physical existence, the animated animal soul of man, Ruach, his psyche, Neschama, intellect, and Chaja, crusadership of paternal will and desire, into Jechida, a connection to the source of all life, and thus to transform the interaction of man and woman into One Planetary Consciousness: blessed be He & She. In other words, when wing & harp are in the same room, provided both are tuned very well, then when the grand piano plays, the corresponding string of the harp begins to resonate unisono; in this way, man and woman work together in dialogue: the Cultural Spirit of men brings forth peace through women.


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essence  Alpha et Omega

Table of contents of each chapter:

Symphony of Peace
»significatio passiva«
A. Book of Chants
Situation: Anamnesis und anā-lysis
C. I. Of the Inner Images
II. Of the masters’ understanding
Dieu sensible au Cœur
Heartsore and Resilience
F. God's Miracles
G. Questions
H. Appeal to the Women

Global Warning
   Cultural analytical Dialogue
J. The Interreligious Dialogue
Ethics and Planetary Consciousness
Wissen und Vision
I. Women's sacred science is the creatrix of the New Age
Worship of the Feminine side of God
III. Seelenkultur und Planetarisches Bewusstsein
The significance of mercy
Holy Grail – In the evening there will be light
Of the marriage
Cultural Heart and Immaculate Conception
Relationship situation on Planet Earth
P. About healing hormones and poisoning substances
Integral Ethics
R. Women-Universel-Global-Ethics
S. Healing with the wise Serpent
T. Interreligious Sciences of Sacred Art-Therapy
U. New Mythology – the religion after the religions 
V. Transcultural Mentoring
Transculturality and Humanity
Prayers and Songs
Universel – Intertextual Human Experience
last words
Interreligious Sciences of Sacred Art-Therapy (ISSAT)
Canticum Graduum
The Cosmic Mandala
Vom Flügelschlag der Schmetterlinge