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V.  Transcultural Mentoring

Cultural Creatives owe the highest loyalty neither to the state, which is a mechanism, nor to spiritual institutions, which are only part of life, but not the organism of life; their faithfulness must belong to the spiritual self, their being to the Cultural Spirit, which is present in them and in everybody; by finding the spiritual, the healing agape of their being, within themselves and express it in the Cultural Community they can heal illnesses in the community through dialogue as well as helping the whole humanity through peace conferences (Exodus 34:23). Women will make progress by accepting the influence of the Cultural Creatives and further spread it into the world: giving form to the holy spirit and expressing it. If spiritual men's soul cultures are no longer being received by women, humanity will be plagued by pandemic-like 'untimely death': one covers up one's neurotic behaviour with intellectual phrases and deluded manners – which seems to be spreading all over the world. If men lack holiness, soulful spirit, then women are constantly being aroused in their material spheres {luxury, sex and power}, their creative energies are being abused by the state and senselessly wasted in the supernova breeze of the freedom of self-art: one identifies with ego-personality, chases after mundane pleasures or becomes "mystically-spiritually" selfish. Children then adopt habits with which they will destruct themselves. The person, who is full of pious dogmas, tends to hold them too rigidly for himself: one then expects that divine women and god-conscious men should behave according to the dogmatic standard of his "the good". If then something does not fit one's own particular idea of piety, one is ready to criticise in a condemning way. Therefore, the thought and life of Krishna was adopted by artists, poets and musicians, this gave rise to a new religion: the realisation of the religion of the divine in natural human life. Women have their special standard of good and evil, right and wrong. This standard is formed from what they themselves have experienced in their intimate lives so far, what they have seen on TV or heard about others, and which is mostly related to how they were influenced as an embryo in the womb by the belief in a particular religion, and also how strongly they identify with being born into a particular class/ nation. But what can really be called good or bad, right or wrong, is that which comforts their divine spirit or causes great discomfort in them, to distinguish between good and evil lies in the feminine nature. In fact it is the self-glorifying nationalistic ego of men that causes the suffering of humanity.

Das Glück der Menschheit liegt darin, was die göttlich-weibliche Seele für schön hält
Zwischen richtig und falsch zu unterscheiden, ist nicht die Arbeit dogmatischen, psychopathischen, psychologischen oder spirituellen Redens – je eher Männer dazu bereit sind, desto unwissender sind sie. Dass ein Mann lernt, den Maßstab der Göttlichen Mutter anzunehmen, statt kriegerischen Zwängen nachgebend, die Welt dem eigenen Maßstab seines "Guten" anzupassen, ist die wichtigste Lektion von Religion. Steigt der kulturelle Stern der erleuchteten männlichen Seele in die sublime Welt der Supernova (black holes) hinab, gebiert die Weiße Tara (white holes) der Welt das Licht Ihres Friedens. There are just two kinds of pity. But we are evil insofar as we bring suffering and death to others (Wilhelm Wundt, Ethics) – because we refrain from the mercy of our enlightened soul.

Über die Kreativität, den Iblis und Sankt Michaels Engel
Wer den Dialog im aufbauenden Sinn beherrscht, dass der Frauen andächtiges Herz zu Notre-Dames altruistischer Seele gelangt, diese Männer tragen den Namen 'Schöpfer der Menschheit'. Jene, die im abbauenden Sinne herrschen und tätig sind, dass Physis und Gemüt der Frau zu paternalistischem Gewinn, ihnen obliegt das Werk der Zerstörung.


Those who receive the law through the order of angels

Jean Fouquet, The Holy Trinity (um 1455)

 Those who receive the law through the order of angels

The Cultural Creatives: the eagle {Buddha: top left}, the saint {Rama: top right}
the winged bull {Krishna: bottom left}; the winged lion {Shiva: bottom right}

 The angels' choirs: women on the path to transculturality
Men on the interreligious spiritual path of initiation

For establishing a New World, it is essential that mistakes are being brought to light. This requires the »Women's Enlightened Intelligence«; in it, namely 'the good and the beautiful' and 'the wicked and the bad' must be recognised, how else could mistakes be forgiven? – revealed repressions alone lead to even greater guilt, and thus for even more illnesses. Women need grace "above" themselves, "light upon a light" (Sura Al Nur) before they need to be forgiven by those they have wronged. This state of forgiveness in the 'outpouring of love' has nothing in common with the complacency of developing spiritual qualities in one's ego. Dialogue – forgiveness through women's light – is only possible when men have transformed themselves to their desire (Luke 20:42), then »devotion to love« (Romans 12:1-2, 6-11) can be demanded of them (Psalm 51:21).

Alpha et Omega – interreligiöser Dialog und transkultureller Diskurs  Auf dem Felsfundament des interreligiösen Dialogs „Was für ein Mann bin ich?“ – die charakterliche Selbstprüfung der Männer, um sich und die Gemeinschaft zu verbessern, geleitet von der Weisheit der Großen Mutter und der spirituellen Freiheit der Großen Göttin – kann der transkulturelle Diskurs zur Bewusstseinsentfaltung der Frauen „Heilen der Erde: Was soll ich tun?“ {geleitet von 'Santa Maria von Magdala' und The Cultural Creatives} stattfinden. So können Männer in interreligiösen Dialogen überlegen, von welchen Charakterzügen sie sich trennen sollten um der Welt Frieden zu bringen, und unter Transkulturalität darlegen, welche Archetypen für ein schönes und wertvolles Leben auf Planet Erde unerlässlich sind.  

In ethischer Hinsicht gibt es gar nichts Außerordentliches, denn das Höchste
ist ganz schlicht das Geforderte.
Sören Kierkegaard, Die Leidenschaft des Religiösen.



My spirit was so enraptured that it seemed to me that it was almost completely outside my body. I saw the most holy humanity with more overflowing glory than I had ever seen: it was shown to me by marvellous and clear knowledge how the Lord rests on the breasts of the Father. I could not express how this is, for without seeing it, I felt as if I would see myself in the presence of this divinity. It seems as if this highest of visions purifies the soul to a high degree, taking away almost all the power of our sensual world. It is a mighty flame that burns up and destroys all the desires of life, it shows how null and void the sovereign dignities of this world are. It is a powerful teaching to elevate our desires to pure truth. Thereby a reverence is impressed upon us which I could not describe, but which is quite different from anything what we can acquire here. It fills the soul with great horror to see how we dared, or are still daring, to insult such an exceedingly great majesty. (Teresa of Avila - The Book of My Life, 38,18, GW 1. Dobhan, Peeters Freiburg, Basel, Vienna 2001).

'You anoint my head with oil, you fill my cup richly. Pure goodness and favour will follow me all my life.' (Psalm 23,5-6). The transformation of a liquid substance into another liquid form is therefore definitely an inner-atomic process which has nothing to do with the precipitation of a dissolved salt. When carrying out the procedure (according to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali), it is rather to be taken into consideration that the state of the liquid substance ('woman' as such) is increasingly changed in such a way that more volatile, watery, gaseous and ethereal states are progressively reached (see Teresa of Ávila, Moradas del Castillo Interior – The abodes of the soul). The correctness of this view is corroborated by the fact that, for example that by carrying out this process it is possible, for example, to transform seawater into fresh water without any salt precipitation taking place. (according to Viktor Schauberger, 'Process and apparatus for the atomic conversion of liquid and gaseous substances that can be dripped', March 1940).

The clear light of bliss or The Message of women of the New Age
1. One is to imagine oneself, based on one of the traditional modes of the Holy world, creating such a radiant cathedral of the heart that the dark shadow world, created by his personality, recedes, giving the capacity to the 'Inner Voice of the Lord' to lead the collective of women to Dharma, the path of holiness. 2. Then imagine oneself in the unfamiliar opposite, the individual masculine by means of sound, to transform its misleading and limiting self-image of personality through ecstasy. Since by men's spiritual endeavours the destructive Kali-self of a woman can also gain strength, the nascent Bodhisattva has to take care from the very beginning to continually transform her personal joy into impersonal bliss.

Drei Stufen zum Frieden in der Welt: (A) Liebe, (B) Liebender und (C) Geliebter Herr
(A) Toleranz gegenüber anderen Religionen: Man verzeiht der Liebe, um den Täter vor der Bestrafung zu bewahren; die Betroffenen sind sogar bereit für ihn zu beten. Das Gebet bezieht sich allerdings nur auf die Verschonung vor Strafe. (B) Der interreligiöse Dialog unter spiritueller Weiblichkeit: Hier verzeiht man nicht nur der Liebe, sondern auch dem Liebenden selbst: in seinem Herzen hat man Ihm vergeben. (C) Die transkulturelle Psycho-Synthese: Jetzt ist die Vergebung so umfassend, dass die Sünde gänzlich aus dem Herzen des Liebenden entwurzelt wird und keine Spuren hinterlässt, Man ist dem Täter gleichsam als 'Geliebter Herr' liebevoll gesonnen (siehe Matthäus 25:31-40; betrachte aber auch Matthäus 25:41-46).

Zu guter Letzt müssen Männer alle Meditationssysteme loslassen  Begegnet individuell heilenden weiblichen Seelen {'Liebe den Nächsten wie dich selbst!' (Levitikus 19,18; Markus 12:30-31)} mit 'Gib alle Religionen auf und nimm deine Zuflucht allein zu Mir!' (Bhagavad-gita 18.6) noch größer heilende männliche Seelenkraft, dann wandelt sich weibliche Individuation und gebiert »das einigende Planetarische Bewusstsein«, das der Welt den Frieden schafft.

O kultureller Heiliger Geist, Du bist die brüderliche Einheit, welche
‚die einfältige Gegenwart‘ (Matthäus 18:3) des Geliebten Herrn offenbart.


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essence  Alpha et Omega

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Symphony of Peace
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